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You Are What You Consume

Most of us have heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” This is partially true. What we eat affects us profoundly. But, what we eat is only a fraction of what we consume. Typically, what we ‘consume’ falls into the area of diet or nutrition. Yet, we consume much more than just foodstuffs. In fact, the other things we consume have a lot more impact on creating who we are than food.


Your diet is everything you consume or take in through your five senses into the domains of consciousness (the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). Its the amalgamation of all your life experience. It all becomes part of you. Literally, you become what you experience.


What you watch, read, taste, smell, feel, hear, etc incites emotions that you process in a nanosecond. A bigger emotional punch leads to a more intense experience, which leaves a greater impact. Amplified input conditions our minds, hearts, and physiology. They form our beliefs, which anchor themselves in the body as patterns – psycho-emoto-physiological patterns.


These patterns shape the way we view ourselves and the world around us. They are reflective or holographic; meaning we see the world as ourselves, not actually how it is, which in turn becomes a feedback loop. Each time we view the world as ourselves, it confirms our belief and therefore reinforces it. Like a boomerang, the harder we throw it or believe it, the faster and more forceful it returns. Ultimately, this creates our reality.


The Anatomy Of A Pattern


After an emotionally charged experience, some of the emotional energy from that incident gets stored in the tissues of the body. This stored energy signature eventually shapes patterns in the tissues. Like bricks stacked in a wall layer by layer, these patterns thicken experience by experience. In time, these calcify into patterns of distress and dysfunction within the body.


The feedback loop also has a magnetic dynamic. E-motion translates as energy in motion. When it is no longer in motion or stuck, a condition of stagnation develops. Such stagnation is at the core of most diseases. And thus the body, in its innate wisdom, perpetually works these patterns to the surface to alleviate the problem. In doing so, certain life experiences seem to be attracted to you in order to work out the patterns. In essence, you become a human magnet to help heal the patterns.


Real Change


Much of this, you can’t see. Nevertheless, these patterns keep you STUCK in a rut because they form your beliefs and how you view yourself and the world. Therefore, these belief patterns unconsciously direct your life. As a result, you repeat similar experiences over and over until they are completely processed. It’s your karma until you change it.


Sadly, many of the attempts to change oneself fall short because they don’t go deep enough to eliminate the patterns. Try as you might, you can’t think your way out of them. They are embedded at a core level.


There is one ancient practice that’s proven to work, fasting. As with any addiction, drugs or other, to break the cycle, we must fast. Such radical abstinence creates withdrawals: fatigue, irritability, angst, sweats, restlessness, etc. This unpleasant phase allows the body to loosen the psycho-emoto-physiological patterns from their attachments.


At this point, there’s the possibility for real change. As the patterns disintegrate, a portion of our identity dies. ‘Who’ we thought we are slowly disappears. This egoic death poses the greatest challenge, yet its the doorway to real change and transformation.


Make A Plan And Stick To It


There are all sorts of fasts. Hardcore ones, like 40 days and nights from the Bible, and intermittent fasts for 18 – 36 hour periods. Choose for yourself what you need to fast from. Maybe its the news, TV, movies, certain people or sweets? Create a plan to fast from the people, places, and things that activate and reinforce these patterns. Understanding the habit loop may help. Then, just do it!


To truly change who you are or “how you are showing up in the world,” you must change these internal patterns. A good place to begin is right here and right now:










Get Real…



Reach for it!

Erica Rogers