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Twenty Down. An Eternity To Go!

This week marks the time that Stephen and I joined forces back in Orlando twenty years ago. In retrospect, there are some things we absolutely designed and accomplished and others that are evolving into a fine wine. Perhaps these few reflections will serve you in some way. (It’s is interesting to see how often we use the words fuck and shit. Lol! 😆)


Fuck ’em. Fuck them all!

It’s natural to be concerned about our performance in social settings. Our primitive brain is wired to safeguard our social standing for survival reasons. However, sometimes it can feel like it’s you against the world, because it’s true. During those times it is necessary to stand up and stand out. Having someone at your side, a committed team member, can make all the difference…especially when you need to chant, “‘Eff ‘em…’eff ‘em all!”


Nappers matter

Society is so driven. Yet conquest and success takes a good amount of energy. So we are proponents of counting a good nap as part of a successful day. Others look down at such habits as lazy, but we regard it as a sign of wisdom. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and reinforce our union.


Love is a verb

Much can be said about love, its power, healing effect, and high level of consciousness. But, for us, it is a verb. It is an action that makes evident one’s state of care. Plain and simple. We take the time to listen to each other’s needs or wants, and we respond with love and action. Whatever it takes is the key!


Fuck That Shit

Regret is a nasty pit that we dig for ourselves. Fear is the father of regret which can immobilize us. Rather than allowing something to have that much power over us, we endeavor to face it. After all, fear is just a feeling, and no feeling should have that much power over us. With someone at your side who is as committed to grow and reach their full potential too, it’s much easier to walk through the fear and shout at it, “fuck that shit.”


Quit The Bullshittin’

When it comes to a life dedicated to growth and embodiment, time becomes ever more critical. Having another person to call you on your shit is a cornerstone to a healthy relationship, but more importantly to getting shit done. Looking back two decades, the quote from Buddha rings more true, “the problem is you think you have time.” We used to wait for the right time to tackle a goal, but more and more the power of a sense of urgency shows us that there is no perfect time. Like the excellent Nike slogan encourages, “just do it!” We all need to just do it. Let your partner give you that swift kick in the ass when necessary to get shit done…and thank them.


Reach For It

As they say in Texas, go big or go home. When facing a tough choice, we push ourselves to pick the big vision, no matter how unnatural or unbelievable it may appear. Playing the big game always pushes us to grow, and that’s the cornerstone of our goals. Whereas settling for mediocrity lets one get comfortably numb. It’s safe. But as cliche as the saying is, we strive to “shoot for the moon and if you miss, you’ll still be amongst the stars.”


May you, too, enjoy decades of a life partnership that drives you to be a better person.


Reach for it!

Erica Rogers