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The TransformaSHEN

Plainly,  the dictionary outlines a transformation as, “the act or process of transforming; the state of being transformed; change in form, appearance, nature, or character.” That can be a change of any sort. Dr. Jekyll transforming into Mr. Hyde, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or water into steam. However, those processes are not the subject of The Transforma-SHEN.


A Movement Forward


Shen is a term used in Toaist and Chinese Medicine traditions to denote Creative Source, Spirit or God. The Transformashen is a spiritual change; one from a natural state into a supernatural one. It is a particular process that one engages to refine the human condition into the spiritual condition. More than a psychological change, the body and life transform into something more ideal and extraordinary. In rudimentary terms, it conveys the alchemical change from man into God.


Oh, there’s that word. G.O.D.


Before reacting one way or another, consider this. All of our ancient wisdom, childhood stories and pop-culture comics tell tales of ordinary people somehow becoming extra-ordinary. A series of trials brought forth and activated a dormant element. Then, the learning curve of integrating the unleashed powers takes place. Until finally, boom, the old confines of their experience shatter and a new individual emerges.


We’ve seen this happen to many characters in movies. Be it in the Wachowskis’ ‘V for Vendetta’ or ‘The Matrix.’ Comic books overwhelm our imaginations with such characters thanks to Stan Lee. And the Bible tells of men being touched by the divine to unleash the wondrous fruits of the Spirit.


The Process


Quantum physics illustrates there is a sea of infinite energy and potential behind all that our five senses attest to. It’s this power that we refer to as Shen, Source, Spirit, or God. The part of us that animates everything. It’s the source of all our dreams, desires, and visions.


Our connection to Shen flows through a bio-energtic system known as the bio-field. Ancients from China mapped this extensively in what is now known as the acupuncture meridian system. Qi or vital energy flows through the system and animates all of our physical, emotional and mental functions.


When this system is fully awakened, we go through an alchemical change transforming from our base state into something more brilliant, alive, powerful, and God-like. This is The Transformashen we seek. Changing from man into God.


The Transformashen Training


The Transformashen Training outlines the fundamental practice for activating this change in a four-step process:


1. Sit…

Unplug from everything. Find a place where you can sit comfortably in a quiet spot all alone. Just sit and observe your breath. Allow it to deepen and slow down to get a full inhale and exhale. Place your tongue to your hard pallette and gently smile.


2. Feel…

Pay attention to whatever arises within the body-mind. Be it thoughts, emotions and/or feelings, or sensations, simply pay attention to them until you gain a somatic awareness or felt sense of what is really going on within. And, remember to breathe deep and slow.


3. Deal…

Once you’ve gained a felt sense of some-thing, relax attention into it. Relax until there is a physical shift. Sometimes this shows up as an unraveling of the body’s tissues like sudden uncontrolled movements, deeper breathing, release of emotion or energy, a deep sigh, need to defecate or urinate, shaking, sweating, sneezing, watering of the eyes, crying, yelling, and in rare cases a need to vomit.


*For the record, this is not psycho-therapy. This is body-centered meditation. If you need the help of a qualified therapist, please do so!


4. Heal…

This is the tail end of relaxing attention. Its a deep surrender where we begin to experience our supernatural state – Shen.


Be patient and persistent. This does not happen all at once. The bio-energetic system progressively becomes fully awakened. It usually takes many trips back and fourth through this process until Shen becomes your permanent experience.


5. Get Real…

Now that you are in Shen and free from some of the group stink, you can begin redesigning your life as you see fit. Imagination is the key. This is too big of a subject to go into here, but a good place to start is by writing down your ideal day.


List the daily actions steps you need to take to realize your ideal day. Secondly, write down where you want to be in one year. Write it as though you’ve already achieved it. It’s done. Then, reverse engineer the daily action steps you need to take to realize this vision.


Note: you’ll only know some of the actions. As you move forward and closer to your vision the daily action steps will change. Make sure to note these changes on your ideal day’s vision plan.




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The Goal


With practice, some fortunate folks may realize the goal, Shenlightenment. Shenlightenment is full spiritual embodiment. Think Christ, Buddha, Krishna, etc. Such supernatural individuals exhibit the fruits of spirit, some of which are peace, love, happiness, compassion, wealth or well being, integrity, healing, vitality, strength, and more. In some situations, X powers may appear, such as physic phenomena, healing abilities, super learning, super strength, extreme endurance and longevity, instant creative manifestation, and others.


Though not easy, this is the work we are all called to do.


Reach for it!


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