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Stages Of Meditation & Growth

Meditation_FeatureWhen meditating, it is helpful to know what the stages of attention go through before resting in Shen. The following map is not a definitive satellite guide. Think of it like directions from a neighbor that’s describing signposts to look for along your route.


Obviously, when we begin meditation, we come to realize that attention is jumping all over the place; it’s mostly reactive, caught in a feedback loop between our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and their stories, and the outside world. The first “stage” is when we bring attention back to center. Eventually, we realize why attention is running all over the place; it’s running in reaction to our inner conditioning.


Next, we grasp that center is the core of the body, and like it or not, attention won’t stop its reactive process, until we relax and stabilize into the core. This is called “holding the center,” which is the next major stage. Many different bio-energetic shifts in consciousness happen at this “stage.” There is a back-and-forth dynamic from reactive attention to holding the center that makes the process feel like work…plus, it can last a long time.


Finally, after melting through enough of the conditioning, we reach the latter stage. We learn to release our center and let go in the void or Shen. This is tricky territory, but the benefits are tremendous. In essence, all of life is experienced as Shen at this stage. Another way to put it is that we live a Shen Life.



Erica Rogers