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“Let’s talk about sex, baby.”~ Salt-n-Peppa


Sex! It’s a word that causes most people some discomfort. Ironically, its the most important factor for transformation. Well, not the sex act, but the sexual energy.


Ancients in the East describe the spiritual transformation process as raising the fire serpent. While in the West, its sometimes referred to as going through the baptismal fires. These transformational fires are mainly fueled by our sexual energy.


The fuel behind the fire


A good metaphor to understand the role sexual energy plays is a camp fire. The wood fuels the fire. If the wood is scarce, the fire will eventually burn out. But if wood is plentiful, then its easy to maintain a comfortable flame by adding a log as needed. In Chinese Health Traditions, the wood or fuel is called jing or life essence.


Life essence is the main component of our sexual energy. According to ancient Taoist masters and Chinese Medicine doctors, jing is responsible for longevity, vitality, ambition, willpower, creativity, and spiritual development. Its important shit!


A Bigger Purpose


These powerful fires are the core of our bio-energetic system. When fully awakened, this system empowers us toward spiritual enlightenment, perpetual healing, extreme longevity and superhuman performance.


As said above, the fires are fed by our sexual energy. This is the reason why many monks and holy men/women abstain from sex; better said they conserve and sublimate the force. They’ve learned to utilize the force for its bigger purpose.


Even top athletes abstain from sex or ‘wasting their seed’ before competitions as their performance depends on it. They may not be aware of the spiritual implications, but they do know that conserving it improves their performance.


Sacred Magic


Sexual activity and orgasm are some of the few times everyone witnesses this inner magic come alive. Creating life is another magical time. Obviously, our sexual energy is powerful.


Now, do you really think something so powerful is meant only for pleasure and procreation?


No. The most important role our sexual energy is for spiritual transformation. Learning how to activate it, instead of waste it, is crucial to creating your dream life and realizing your potential.


The trick is to turn it inward and upward. Here’s a way to do that:



Next time you get the urge to merge, stop and sit with it. Don’t do anything.



Relax your attention into the urge and feel the sensations.



Sink deeper into it and allow the urge to pass.



Observe the sexual force and allow it to reroute itself upward.


Time To Get Real…

As you gain a greater sense of self, utilize this power and potential to create a better you!


Reach for it!

Erica Rogers