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Quit The Bullshittin’

Waiting for the perfect time to do anything is a fallacy. It’s an excuse that fear puts forth to sound smart, prudent, or wise. If you truly desire to do or be something, then quit the bullsh*tt*n! NOW is the time!!!


If you are struggling to know what to do, then this may help.


Inquiry Process


First, ask yourself:


What is left undone?

Is there any unfinished business or work that I am avoiding?

What is the small step that will create an avalanche of momentum?


These undone tasks can become log jams in your life. They literally block our success. Until they are completed, everything becomes stagnant.


Secondly, if all is done and you are still confounded as to what to do, ask yourself:

What is the next right thing?


Much of the time, the next right thing is the thing I fear the most. Fear can be a gateway to new beginnings, creativity, and abundance. It’s a portal of opportunity.


Lastly, if you are still stuck on what to do, practice the Transformashen Training:



Breathe, smile, and set an intention that when you are in Shen, you’ll know the next right thing to do.



Into your body. Relax attention into whatever comes up.



Accept what comes up without judgment or criticism. Go beyond it. That’s where your answer lies.



Now that you are in Shen everything is clear. Expect the answer.


Get Real…

Now that you’ve got the answer, quit the bullshittin’ and move your ass!


Reach for it!

Erica Rogers