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7 Steps to Open The Doors Of Prosperity

If you have been around the human potential or self-improvement field, then you are probably a goal-setter. Good for you!


In this article, I point out a few of the anchors that many people overlook that may be holding them back from reaching their goals. If you have a goal for a new car, home, healing, or something else, and it has not materialized, then the below action-tips will likely draw you and your goals closer together.



1. Bless your current situation with deep gratitude.


This is two-fold. First, be grateful for what you currently have. This will attract what you don’t have to you sooner. This feedback loop is very powerful. It’s a good habit to make a gratitude list daily for the most relevant experiences and possessions that made your day more successful and easy.


Secondly, take time each day to thank your spiritual core, Source, for producing what you desire. Gratitude is powerful medicine. Believing and giving thanks for something that has not physically shown up in your life yet, is the essence of faith. Faith and expectancy go hand-in-hand. And, the feeling of gratitude is the evidence that your faith is fully expecting everything to transpire ideally. Ever wonder why most religious prayers end with giving thanks? Now, you know.


2. Take great care of what you currently have in your life.


You must do all that can be done on the current level before you rise to the next. For instance, if you want a new, clean home, then de-clutter the one you have. If you want a new wardrobe, give some of the stuff away that just sits in your closet to someone else that will benefit. If it is a healing you are expecting, then make sure you are doing everything in your power first. I’ve watched patients frustrated by their slow recovery, yet they still do things that inhibit the body’s function and repair. (The most common poor habit is consuming sugar, dairy, grains, and processed foods.) If we don’t take good care of our bodies and possessions, how likely are we to receive an improved version of them?


3. Put yourself in the company of those people who have what you want.


Careful, this doesn’t mean to yearn for their stuff. Rather, through energy transference, you will begin to pick up on their vibe, which will enable you to resonate the frequency to achieve what they have achieved. A good example is if you desire healing. Find those whom have overcome what you are facing and spend as much time with them as possible. Their energy of success in that area will “rub off” on you and help to facilitate your healing.


4. Learn to build an expectation that all that is rightfully yours, which is reflective of your highest potential, comes to you with ease. Again, expectancy is the cornerstone of faith. Without expectancy, there is no faith. In many cases, people have enough expectancy, but they’re expecting the wrong things; like the other shoe is going to drop and it usually does. So, expect the best!


5. Pay attention to leads.


These are intuitive bread-crumbs Source drops into your life letting you know what actions to do next that will lead to your goal. Expect to see and hear such signals throughout your day. Then, do the next right thing, the thing that is front of you, the undone thing. These action steps are the pathways to your goals.


6. Speak truth over your situation.


Take some time each day to imagine your goals, whether they are more money, opportunities, or health. Envision them coming to you from everywhere and feel as though it’s already accomplished! Flood your consciousness with as many images that support your goals, and that spark the feelings of receiving these things.


7. There should be a balance between giving and receiving.


Many people are great givers, but poor receivers. They allow pride or some other negative reason to get in the way of accepting things from others. Eventually, this blocks all channels of abundance and leaves them in lack, not reaching their goals. The act of giving opens the channels of energy inside of us and allows the greater energy, Source, to act on our behalf. Here are a few specifics around the idea of giving to get the waterwheel of abundance turning:


a. Give to others, but do so with a cheerful heart. You can give others things other than money, but I find giving money works the best because it’s the most difficult thing to let go. As the scripture states, “God loves a cheerful giver.”

b. Eliminate debt. If you owe someone or some entity money pay them immediately. There is almost nothing more detrimental to wealth building than to owe money, and withhold it. Even worse, is to spend that money on yourself when you could have repaid it.

c. Pay your bills with deep gratitude and enthusiasm. Be grateful that you have bills. It means you own some value stuff.

d. Give more than enough, both in your efforts and kindness. Life gives back to us what we give to it. If we make it a habit to give more than is expected, then we can expect to receive that same excess in return.

e. Help others build wealth. Refer their business customers, give them opportunities for success, and cheer them on in their endeavors. This is very important!!!


There it is, the most common mistakes that either anchor or obstruct us from achieving our dreams. These steps are very effective. And, they can be applied to any scenario, be it in the boardroom or dining room. Next time you set a goal, go through this list to see where and how you can start pumping the wellspring of abundance.


Some steps are easy and others more challenging. Just remember they work!


At first glance, which step is most daunting?



Erica Rogers