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Private Coaching

The direct engagement that comes with private coaching is truly priceless!


Whether it is in an Intensive, Weekend Sprint or Private Coaching Program, the results are often amazing…and, the Shen Life Team helps you every step of the way!


The Shen Life Team is remarkable at facilitating results. Regardless of the area of primary concern, clients’ success comes from doing ‘the work.’ In fact, 100% of clients are successful when they do 100% of the work.


Let’s reach for it!



To complete the Shen Life Program privately, there are approximately 24 sessions over 6 months. The sessions run between 45-90 minutes. Each session closes with “homework” to facilitate and expedite your growth. Think of it as a fully interactive one-on-one WORK-shop. During the duration of the private coaching, the Community Membership benefits are included. (Results vary.)


Spend three, full days with the Shen Life Team in a very intimate group of no more than 6 while engaged in an intense immersion to somatically transform yourself into the best YOU possible. The days go from 8 am to 8 pm where the focus is making 1 big quantum leap! This type of engagement is ideal for someone looking for a quick shift in their health, finances or relationships.


Activate and engage your potential in a semi-annual Shen Life Intensive. Over 3 days, you will work to increase your awareness of Shen as your Being, as well as learn “how to” more powerfully and intentionally create our sense of Becoming or Life through various Shen Creative exercises and other body-centered activities. These somatic-driven events are hosted in inspiring locations for small groups of 30.


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