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More human than human

There’s a common euphemism that people toss around like a blanket apology or defensive disclaimer for their less than desirable actions.  It’s likely that everyone has said it at some point. After all, “we are only human.”


True to the letter, we are. However, being human is not and should not serve as an excuse for mediocrity. 


Think about the common context of these phrases. “No, I wasn’t able to do X…after all I’m just human.” 


Since when is it within the human spirit to succumb to such lowly defeatism. Longer than we’d like to admit as a more ancient phrase insinuates, “oh he is just a mere mortal.” 


It is as if we relegate ourselves to a lower caste helpless to change our circumstances. We trudge along in a daily grind. Any pursuits beyond that strata are futile…unless the gods bless us.


Flip it around 


Regardless of your beliefs on how humanity came about be it through a cosmic spontaneous combustion, supernatural intelligent design or a break away civilization seeded by aliens, being human is remarkable. The odds of your essence coming together in this specific arrangement is mind boggling. It doesn’t make sense to down play our potential and settle on survival basics.


Being human or mortal should be a rallying cry for extreme action. To do and be the most we can. It should be a badge of honor we wear. A standard of excellence to uphold. The impact we can create is astounding…positive or negative. 


Look around. Humans do some jaw dropping things. Why don’t we elevate the definition of our existence to reflect the power behind it?


More to you


So many times we act as though we are waiting. Caught in limbo. Hoping for something or someone to sooth our struggle. Yet, our savior is staring us in the mirror. 


Within you is the force of nature. At the core of who we are lies the essence of the creator of the universe…a power beyond measure.


Whichever your linguistic preference, God, Spirit, Source, Higher Power or Pure Consciousness, in Chinese Taoist Traditions, it is called Shen; it’s the core of who you are. 


“Your life is the way it is, because you are the way you are. If you want to change your life, you must change the way you are. To change the way you are, you must know who you are and what you are capable of. You are Shen and you are capable of some amazing shit.”

-Shen Life precept


Being human is more than the bits and pieces of our anatomy. It’s more than the kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings we experience. It is an exercise in embodying this super natural power and becoming super human or super you-man in all areas of life!


Being super you man


As the Shen Life precept above notes, to change who you are, you must know who you are and what you are capable of. “How” is often the next question. Here’s an approach to test.


1. Sit —

Yes, sit alone in a room and do nothing for an hour a day. Call it meditation, introspection or rumination…whatever. Just do it. That is the fastest way to know who you are…Shen.


2. Study—

Read and study the lives of great men and women. Fill your mind with examples of what humans are capable of. Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Padmasambhava, or Jesus are good ones. It’ll be more natural for you to do super you man shit once you’ve studied others doing so.


3. Scheme—

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Once you know who you are and what you are capable of, then you can become it. There’s a Danish proverb, “what you are is God’s gift to you; what you become is your gift to God.” Outline a plan of actions that will demonstrate your potential in your life. Then, do it. 


Join us in elevating humanity. Be more human than human…the super you man.


Reach for it!



[If you need some motivation music, here’s a namesake by White Zombie…More Human Than Human ]




Erica Rogers