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Meet The Shen Life Team

Visionaries, Teachers, Writers, Healers & Creatives
Stephen Rogers

Stephen D. Rogers

Teacher, Healer & Visionary

As a youth, Stephen was surrounded by a great deal of abuse. In his teens, life gradually drifted away from the honor roll student and high-level athletics to self-destructive behavior. This downward spiral culminated in alcohol and drug abuse, and violent episodes until he hit rock bottom and landed in federal prison!


Determined to straighten out his life, Stephen committed to an intense self-examination. Unexpectedly, contemplative practice ignited a powerful energy (known in the East as the Kundalini fire and in the West as the baptismal fires) that transformed his life in every way…and continues to this day.


Wanting to understand more, he began an intensive academic study. Initially, Stephen dove into the Bible by entering a college curriculum for a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Two semesters shy of graduation, Stephen was released from prison. He opted to pursue a more integral perspective of human potential.

Tracing the roots of healing and transformation, Stephen earned a dual degree with a Bachelor’s in Professional Health Studies and a Master’s in Oriental Medicine. Additionally, he committed himself to extensive studies in the fields of Energy Medicine, Integrative Movement, Structural Integration, Chiropractic Philosophy, Neuroscience, Yoga Science, Nutritional Science, Human Development, Transformational Psychology, Quantum Physics, Political Science, Economics, Ecoscience, Sustainability Practices, Comparative Religions, Philosophy, History, plus Transformational and Somatic Coaching.


Reflecting on his research and experience of healing and transformation with his clients and himself, Stephen created Shen Life—a Spirit-centric approach to human potential. Currently, Stephen teaches Shen Life while being enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Integrative Medicine.


Stephen and Erica are a very effective and committed team that helps move people forward!

Erica Eddleman Rogers

Erica Eddleman Rogers

Visionary, Coach & Creative

In the late nineties, Erica matriculated at the University of Central Florida. Physical Therapy was her pursuit, because it involved some of her primary interests: health, movement and people. At a critical juncture in school, she realized that she was going in the wrong direction, so Erica sought a different path.


She expanded her options by studying health science, behavioral and social science, and minoring in computer science. Fortunately, she did not drift long without a plan. After a chance meeting at a restaurant, Stephen Rogers introduced Erica to the captivating field of holistic healing, wellness and personal development.


“I can remember sitting in awe after Stephen explained the interconnectedness of health, wellness, healing, human development and spiritual enlightenment. It was like someone told me the secret formula of the universe and put everything in its right place. Life, everything, just made sense.”


Eventually, Stephen shared his vision of an online business venture that presented all of the Shen Life Teachings for people to study on their own and use to transform themselves. In that instant, Erica knew that she found her ideal path in life, plus a man whom she wanted to grow old with…yes, this is a love story too!

With Stephen’s guidance, she found a way to incorporate and understand all of her interests: Spirituality, movement, medicine, Structural Integration, internet marketing, business, personal growth and ancient wisdom. Erica became Stephen’s shadow, completed training in massage therapy, studied holistic healing and yoga science, all the while completing a bachelor’s degree in December of 2000. After working for some time as an integrative movement and structural integration therapist and holistic consultant in Orlando, Erica moved with Stephen to Los Angeles and they opened the first Shen Life Center.


They approached the Center like a laboratory to further develop the Shen Life Model. When the opportunity arose late in 2006, Stephen and Erica finally embarked on their original vision of offering Shen Life on the virtual frontier.


It took a sabbatical of reflection in the mountains of Montana for them to refine an online experience that would effectively help others grow from a distance through coaching. Now, its tested, refined and ready!


Currently, Erica is coaching and working toward a doctorate in holistic health and natural medicine.