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In The Meantime…

Article_IntheMeantime_mapIn life, there is a lot of emphasis put on where we all plan to go, our achievements to come, future goals, etc. Its very natural to focus on our direction, especially since the alternative, stagnation, is problematic. Movement is life.


Yet, there is an overlooked area that has a greater influence on the shape and direction of our lives than the actual moment of success. Its the space between where you start and where you plan to land, like all of the letters between a and z that shape the fullness of the alphabet. Yet, it is easy to glaze over the middle alphabet as obstacles or adversities to be overcome while charging toward a vision of your life.


However, this is a magic zone.


By investing extra attention into this space in the middle, we can make the goal happen with greater ease, grace and exuberance. Without attention, experiences are riddled with turmoil, drama, and despair. While we are working on our opuses in life, there is a middle zone. While all the work gets done to achieve the goal, how we do what we do in the meantime is crucial.


This inevitable period is where the magic lies. Its the growth phase, the change chapter, the plot twist, R&D or a developmental stage. As a friend of mine says, “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses on your way to success,” which pretty much says it clearly.


So, in the meantime, what can you do to live your life’s vision fully? Is there something that you can do now to embody your final destination? It may be something as small as keeping fresh flowers around as you would in your dream home. You could put a celebratory bottle of wine in the cabinet that you look forward to opening when your goal is realized. What ever you do, put more attention to living NOW as if your goal is realized, as if you are that person you intend to become, because you will spend a lot more time between your goals than at the destination.


So how can you better live your life in the meantime?


Erica Rogers