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Compass To Find Your Way Forward

Finding Your Way Forward

For everyone who embarks on the path of a spirit-centric life, there comes a point where the next step to take or direction to go is unclear. This is challenging. Doubt, insecurity, and frustration can flood our experience.


What to do?


There are a few options to consider.


You could change course and go back to more familiar circumstances and relationships. Good news and bad news there. You already know what ‘that’ brings. Likely, it’s not ideal and was part of your motivation for pushing onward.


You could just put things on hold until things start miraculously moving. But, waiting can feel like treading water. It is disempowering. Going nowhere and waiting to be rescued is not a good plan. Besides, that’s exhausting.


The only real option


Perhaps, testing the scary option is the only real option. If that’s the case, you could lean in and do the next right thing with an expectation that things will become clear as you inch forward into the unknown. It’s like the scratch-n-sniff approach. Take a step. Feel things out. Then, repeat.


Of course, this will bring up fear, doubt, and anxiety. But, there is a difference to note. The paralyzing drudgery of an old, familiar direction is very different than the thrilling exploration of the unknown in a new direction.


How to proceed with caution


When considering a possible path, tune in. Pay closer attention to your body’s energy. Do you feel amped up or bogged down?


When you are pumped after taking a certain step, then keep moving in that direction. If you feel burdened, then pause to breathe; you may need to pivot and approach differently. Pump = yes! Bog = no go. There’s your answer. Yup. It’s that simple.


When in doubt, listen to your body. It can guide you through the unknown. Think of it like a compass directing you to your true north…your ideal life as the ideal you!



Erica Rogers