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Support Your Body’s Natural Elimination

With almost 25 years in the health and transformation fields, one of the most common questions I still get is, “I feel like I need to detox…what should I do?”


There are so many detox programs and supplements in the marketplace now. It’s easy to forget elimination is a natural function of the body. The common approach looks for the answer in some pill, supplement, or herb. Instead, I suggest encouraging the body to do what it is designed to do—eliminate waste or detox itself.


Here are some simple, natural, and highly effective ways to remove toxins from the body without the use of supplements.


1. Stop putting excessive toxins in your body.

The fewer toxins you put in your body, the less you’ll need to detox. Your body naturally eliminates toxins. However, when it’s overwhelmed and pushed to its capacity, it will store the toxins in the tissues of the body.


Natural_Detox_Tips_ShenLifeThe easiest point to remember when cleaning out your body is to eat and drink as clean as possible. Really!  There are many eating regimens you can follow.


Here are some simple dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow:

  • Choose foods that are alkalizing,
  • Choose Organic foods,
  • Minimize animal products,
  • Remove unnatural sugars…better yet, cut ALL sugar it’s fuel for cancer[1]
  • Eliminate processed foods,
  • Eliminate Genetically Modified Foods,
  • Minimize grains,
  • Eliminate alcohol, recreational drugs, and tobacco
  • Eliminate caffeine


2. Practice deep abdominal breathing throughout the day.

A full-body breathe will tap every cell—bringing fresh oxygen and removing waste. Exhaling is part of the elimination process. Square breathing is a great technique to accomplish this.


3. Drink purified water.

Depending on your level of activity and the climate you reside, the amount needed can vary. Distilled water, carbon filters, or reverse osmosis are my choices. With distilled, it needs to be restructured with a vortex machine at least.


4. Choose dark veggies.

This is easy. Eat 8 or more servings of green, fibrous alkalizing vegetables every day. This helps flush and scrub the bowel as well as remove heavy metals and other toxins from the cells.


5. Engage in mindful exercise at least once a day for 30 minutes or more.

A good rule of thumb is to never exert yourself to the point where you are breathing from your mouth. Typically, mouth breathing is a sign you are in an anaerobic state, which elevates cortisol levels, and adds to the amount of metabolic waste in the body. Also, perspiration is one of the ways we naturally cleanse. Be cautious of over perspiring; avoid soaking your clothes or creating a puddle. A light dew on the skin is ideal.


6. Relax on the ground or walk barefoot.

This helps to remove the positive ions from your body. Plus, it helps ground the body, which relaxes it and allows it to let go of toxins. You could take it one step further and nap on the ground. Just make certain you don’t fall asleep in a snake-infested area.


7. Soak.

Take a swim or a bath, preferably in salt or mineral water. Or if a tub or hot spring is not readily available, then soaking your feet is a great way to detox. Toxins discharge easily through the feet. Just remember your dad’s ole’ stinky socks…phew! Careful that you don’t fall asleep in the bath!


8. Take notes.

Last, but not least important, take time to study your poop. Yes, you read that correctly. In Chinese Medicine, diagnosing health based on one’s urine and feces is a cornerstone. Monitoring your output is the easiest way to make sure your body’s functioning well. Transit time, quantity and quality are all important factors. The below chart explains what is ideal very well.


Everything listed are very natural ways to support your body’s innate elimination function.  Unless you are targeting a serious health issue like heavy metal poisoning, parasites, or the like, you can skip that trip to the health food store and start here.


May you be blessed with golden bananas.





(Thanks to for this great chart.)




Erica Rogers