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Face The Labrynth Of Life And Choose Goodness

Choosing Goodness

There is suffering, pain, and trials in life. Sometimes small other times large. Yet, beauty can be found within it all IF we choose to see it.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing to observe is a person whom navigates the tough times with grace. Such people seem committed to be and do good despite their circumstances. They recognize their despair but choose to live their innermost truth and highest ideal every moment.


You may know such an inspiring person. What a blessing. More importantly, are you such a person?


What do you do?


Do you lash out when feeling tired, irritable, or wronged? Will you crumble into a ball when facing a conflict or adversity? Do you plot or scheme how to deliver justice subtly with a smile? Will you pressure or manipulate others to get your way? Do you over dramatize events or emotions?


These are all reactionary behaviors we learn because life dished a serving of some type of pain. In many cases, these reactions are understandably justified. However, all of them are violent…toward others or yourself.


There is another option. No, not delusion, avoidance, or ignorance. You can choose to embody goodness despite your circumstances.


It is a choice


To achieve this level of grace and beauty requires being boldly honest with yourself. Whenever you feel triggered, allow that funk to rise in your body without reacting and breathe through it.  Doing so allows you to actually deal with it. If you are able, wait until the tension passes before speaking. If you must speak while activated, then do so with great caution.


These are simple, but powerful steps forward that take practice. By doing so, you heal in ways that transform that pain into power…and you become that incredible person that seems to make anything look effortless despite life’s chaos.


Pay attention inwardly to your reactions to better see the choices available to you. Yes, this takes practice, but you can do this. We all can to do this and thereby transform ourselves. This is the most effective, non-violent way to change the world. After all, what else is there to do?


Reach for it!

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Erica Rogers