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Challenged By Meditation?

Ever notice how challenging it can be to practice meditation?


This question points to the nature of the human condition. It’s the norm to run from ourselves constantly, and then find creative ways to rationalize or spiritualize this escapism. The trend is to flock to meditation rooms, yoga classes, hiking, etc. The plain truth is that if one has to go somewhere to deal with oneself, then one is still not quite ready to deal with oneself.


Shen Life Meditation Instructions

Try this instead, just sit in a quiet room and do nothing. Yes, do nothing. This will do more for your development than sitting at the feet of Buddha himself. After all, meditation is all about facing oneself. Sitting alone in a quiet room will limit the distractions, and reveal why meditation can be such a task.


Watch how challenging it is to sit alone and do nothing. When you feel the urge to get up and do something, stop yourself. This is the nexus or Rubicon where you can press onward past the point of no return. Doing so will reveal and uproot all of the subconscious conditioning. This conditioning is what you are running from, and what is standing between you and freedom, God, or Source.


The first thing you will notice is an irritable discontent. Stay with it! In due time, this gives way to some emotional funk. Stay with it, breathe and relax.


As your attention relaxes deeper, you will find the conditioning is tied up in the tissues of the body. Stay with it! You may feel all sorts of bio-energetic sensations along with subtle movements of the body. Just go with it. You’re on the right path.


Finally, after attention has completely relaxed its reactive movement, you awaken to Source, Shen, or God as your very own Being.


Stay with it…it’ll be a wild ride. But, it’s totally worth it. When you are finished, you’ll truly enjoy the company you keep…all the time!


You got this!





Erica Rogers