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Being Seen In The Scene

Its exciting to see the secular approach to spiritual development becoming main stream. Unfortunately, once a movement gains some steam, the trendies and hipsters move in and coop it. Then, it becomes a race to be ‘seen in the scene.’


This new scene is full of tattoos, piercings, changing one’s name to sound more enlightened, and shirts that say shit like, “Spiritual Gangster.” Though not an exhaustive list, these are the more common tricks of the trade this time around.


For the record, tattoos and piercings are problematic in and of themselves. Its the intention behind them that needs to be questioned. Spiritual practice is a personal and private matter. Its not a competition or PR campaign.


Besides, the more aware or spiritual you become, the more ‘you’ you are, which breaks you free of the herd-syndrome of the trendies and the need to battle for approval.



True spiritual practice is challenging, revealing, and exhausting. It’s not a trend. Its not hip. It’s not a competition. It’s a commitment, to be true to yourself…no matter what!


So, avoid spiritual dick-measuring. Be boldly original. Be you!


Here’s a good way to start. Ask yourself some tough questions…

“Have I been guilty of trying to be ‘seen in the scene?’”

“What am I looking to achieve or gain by doing so?”

“What can I do instead to change this behavior?”

Now, do it!



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Erica Rogers