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Are You Living In Debt?

Debt is commonly thought of as credit cards, mortgages or, for some, mob loans. Generally, its not a good idea to subjugate yourself to any of them. But, there’s another kind of debt that has greater implications on our happiness and health—bioenergetic debt.


Think of your entire system for a moment. Anatomically, there are cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. However, those parts alone do not make up a living being. There is a vital force or energy that animates everything. Ancient cultures identified, studied and mapped this force. This unseen force directly denotes the vitality of an object or organism.


In India, it was referred to as early as 3,000 years ago as prana. “Indologist George Feuerstein explains, ‘The Chinese call it chi, the Polynesians mana, the Amerindians orenda, and the ancient Germans ‘od.’ It is an all-pervasive ‘organic’ energy.’” (1) Historically, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine” (circa 2nd century BCE) is credited with first establishing the pathways through which qi circulates in the human body.(2)


Energy flows in and out of our systems. How it flows, transforms and exchanges within, between other living things and in relationship to the environment is called bioenergetics (4). The goal of ancient life practices is to cultivate and refine our vital force for improved health and longevity. When our life force is strong, we are vital and healthy. On the other hand, as our life force depletes, the process of aging, disease and death takes place.


As Yoda famously pointed out, “the force is strong with that one.” Well, it holds true in real life too. When born, each of us have vital force in varied quality and quantity. Anyone whom has experienced the struggles of asthma understands the impact of this truth. For an average person, breathing is an assumed function. Regular asthma attacks destroy that expectation of oxygen. Someone born with juvenile diabetes understands inborn deficiencies too. Its the same with bioenergetics; some are born with stronger vital force than others. It just is the way it is. We must learn to do the best with what we have.


Concerning our financial life, we must maintain a lifestyle that fits within our budget (or work to improve it). The math has to add up: the outflow must balance out the inflow. When we live beyond our budget, then the extra funds must be borrowed. This may be acquired by a simple family loan. But, circumstances can escalate into getting credit card debit, leveraging assets and filing bankruptcy.


Nature is very similar. Put this scenario into the context of your life force. The flow of energy in and out must be balanced, otherwise we have to borrow it. The first place we turn to is sugar and caffeine. Those are temporary sources.


If unbalanced expenditure continues, the creditors we turn to are the organ systems. Each system has its own dedicated supply of energy to keep it functioning well. When we borrow organ energy, we force the system to suffer in exchange for the extra resources. If we don’t take prompt corrective action, then the systems start to show signs of dysfunction and disease. Declaring life force bankruptcy means organ failure. Unlike financial bankruptcy, there are no guaranteed start overs.


The good news is that we can recover…if we stop pushing ourselves to do more than our energy budget can sustain.


Some indicators that you are living in real debt are:

  • If you can’t start the day without caffeine
  • If you can’t go to bed without help
  • If you feel a general malaise, lethargy or fatigue regularly
  • If you are slow to heal from colds
  • If you have chronic ailments
  • If you experience brain fog often


Fortunately, there are ways to rebuild your vital force…


  • Generate quality energy from food, air and water. Clean, organic, mineral-rich, chemical-free sources are best.
  • Active and/or passive breathing exercises and mediation are another way to refine and cultivate life force.
  • Nature is great medicine. Spend time earthing, soaking up sunshine and plugging into the Earth’s pulse are great ways to build life force.
  • Mindful movement or exercises are another way to boost life force, such as with Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Yoga.
  • Rest and sleep allows the body to restore itself.
  • Laughter and happiness encourages the uplifted flow of life force.


Do them all…more life force = more life!


The big question to ask yourself is…


Are you living within your life force budget or are you in real debt headed toward bioenergetic bankruptcy?




Erica Rogers