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A New Year. New You?

It’s a new year and new decade. Time to plan for the new you. Ready?


When picturing what you aspire for, it is easy to get distracted by the many material desires you crave as part of this new you. However, these outer accessories are just that…material decorations. They will not be the substance of your experience. You are…the innermost dimension of you.


But what and/or who is that real you?


This age old question can be answered. Though, each of us must do so for ourselves. Fortunately, there is a tried and true path to answer that question. And, it all starts with the simple action of sitting alone and doing nothing.




Being alone in modern times is less common than in previous eras. Now, there are countless distractions that divert our attention. People, places, and things bombard us and steal our focus away from what really matters onto frivolous whatnots. It seems the prevailing culture is allergic to down time or doing nothing.


When is the last time you did nothing? How long did that last? Five minutes? Five hours? Could you go five days?


Besides many health benefits, solitude serves us most by allowing us to get in touch with what’s really going on and who we really are…inside. A perfect example of this process was documented on the History Channel’s reality show, Alone.


The premise is extreme. Ten contestants, with only ten pieces of gear, got dropped off in the wilderness of British Columbia tasked with recording their time alone while living off the land for as long as possible.[1] The last man standing won $500,000.


After the first week of drop outs, four men lasted over 1 month in those cold, wet woods. Watching the individual journeys reminds us that being alone is still the number one route to self discovery. It’s worth watching for yourself.


Navigating The Path


Navigating the path of being alone starts with the simple task of sitting. Fortunately, you don’t have to go starve in the woods with wild animals to get it done. Sitting at home works just fine.


When sitting, the goal is to feel, deal, heal and get real.



Yes, just plop down and sit. Breathe and allow your body to relax.



Direct your attention inward. Follow the promptings in your body and feel every and any sensation that arises.



Eventually, any mental, emotional or physical inner funk will surface. Just let it pass.



Allow the relieving bliss that replaces the purged drama-trauma to spread throughout your entire being. Continue to relax into the new you. This is the sign you are healing.


Get Real

Now, the new you, the real you, can emerge. Embrace it and get real in all areas of your life.


The Inner Frontier


Exploring the great frontier of your inner space is true pioneering work. Uprooting the monsters of our past can get messy. That being said, please use the help of a licensed mental health professional if needed. However, the possibilities of what this path may transform you into are extra-ordinary. It boils down to you…doing nothing. Ironic, huh.


Here’s to a new decade and a new you.


Let’s reach for it!





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Erica Rogers