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Woman On Her Journey

30 Days to Greater Wealth

A Client’s Story In Their Words…


“Nine years ago in Orlando, Florida, I enrolled in a Shen Life Course taught by Stephen and Erica Rogers. Shen Life is a spiritual approach to healing and personal growth and it’s completely life-changing! All areas of my life improved especially my health, my relationships, and my sense of direction and purpose. I knew right away that the awareness and vitality I’d gained from doing “the work” outlined in the course impacted me so profoundly that I wanted to devote my time and energy to it. So I did.


For the next five years or so, I apprenticed with Stephen and Erica at their studio in Los Angeles. What kept me engaged through those years was their powerful approach to living and healing. Most people know that true growth and change are easy to talk about, but not as easy to make real and permanent in our lives. I witnessed in others and myself what some people would describe as miracles.


I continue to practice the healing approach I learned from Stephen in my own business. In Los Angeles, I owned and operated a holistic wellness center built upon the Shen Life principles. Today, I continue to share the wisdom I learned from Stephen in my practice here in Connecticut where I currently reside.


What I love about the Shen Life approach is that it covers everything and it works holistically. As Stephen says, “the human organism, that is the body and its parts—the mental, emotional and sensational—is a reality generating organism. Once these three aspects are brought into balance, through the development of awareness and lifestyle changes, then we can just as easily choose a reality of healing instead of disease or a reality of wealth instead of poverty.”


After three years of working in my business, I took some time to visit Stephen and Erica in Montana. Admittedly, I backslid a bit in my personal practice. During the visit, I felt inspired once again to continue the practice earnestly. I chose to start a private coaching program with Stephen to get back on track. Signing up for such a committed program given my history with Stephen was easy. I know he is results-oriented, plus I’d achieved amazing goals with him before. But as comfortable as I am working with him, I still felt butterflies in my stomach. My guts knew to expect a lot of growth and change…fast.

The Fast Track


Instead of stretching the program over the typical three-month period, we agreed to fast-track it in one month. Tired of the stagnation in my life, especially the financial debt, this intense approach made sense to me. We set up a plan to engage over the phone or web daily.


After some soul searching, I set a number of goals. The primary one was to get back on track with my spiritual practice because without that foundation the other goals would not be attained with integrity or grace. My secondary goal was greater financially stability so I could invest in a home and pay off my debts. Stephen explained that ‘Financial debt is one of the primary vacuums that robs life force. Life force is key for developing awareness: the more freely life force flows, the greater the awareness, the greater the awareness, the easier it is to choose a new reality.’ I could relate. The constant anxiety of managing debt was exhausting my life force; I allowed it to go on too long.


We figured that in order for me to be out of debt and ready to invest in a home, I needed to gross over $9500.00 a month for one year. At first, I balked at the idea. I thought, “Really? How many massage therapists or yoga instructors make that much money? Besides, I am in school two full days a week on top of my full schedule teaching 6 yoga classes and 12 massages a week.” I shared the obstacles I perceived with Stephen. At the time, my income hovered around $4000.00 a month, which is pretty solid for someone in my field. To imagine more than doubling my present income in one month seemed a bit grandiose, to say the least.


Doing The Work


Thankfully Stephen did his job and coached me through the details of making this goal happen. He reminded me of what I saw with my own eyes over the years at his Los Angeles Studio where people reached seemingly impossible goals, like healing disease, mending broken relationships or resolving financial issues. That pep talk strengthened my faith. After all, I am one of those folks who’d experienced this stuff. We set a stipulation too: the increase in my income would require a minimal increase of my workload.


Soon after engaging in the “Core Practice” of the Shen Life Model, I began to see opportunities in front of me that I missed before. And even though I knew the Lifestyle Practice, Stephen pointed out a few areas that could help to strengthen my overall energy, vitality and well-being. That helped me keep up my new productivity pace.


Over the month’s time, I experienced numerous bio-energetic shifts; many more moments of feeling centered and present; and more memorable days where I felt like the whole day was an effortless flow. It was a remarkable experience to see myself build momentum as my awareness grew. Many new and exciting opportunities developed as a result of me having a greater awareness of my situation.


The Numbers Tell The Tale


Although there were a few bumps along the way, with the help of Stephen’s coaching, I earned over $10,000 in 30 days. But, Stephen, being the stickler he is, clarified that when we set the intention, it stated that I’d, “receive over $9500.00 gross income in hand within 30 days.” Even though I’d earned it during the 30-day period, I did not collect one of my checks. Two days later, I collected $1900.00, which would have bumped my total over my goal. When I added it all up, I collected $10,100.00 for the month. Surprisingly, much of this income came from unexpected sources and with little extra effort on my part.


By the end of the program, I felt very accomplished and even more inspired to continue the work. I can’t deny that as much experience I have and as many influential people I am blessed to have in my life, it really, really helps to have an enlightened coach that can effectively communicate the principles of holistic creation and work with me to set a plan to achieve my goals. I stayed the course and followed through with action.


Going through the program, I realized an even greater understanding of the process of healing and creative manifestation. Also, I better identified my pitfalls and sabotage triggers. Fortunately, with Stephen’s guidance and encouragement, I created a plan to reach my dreams, established healthy lifestyle habits to maintain the path, and allowed myself to be stretched. I am so grateful and excited! Granted the Shen Life approach is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you plan to enroll in one of Stephen’s Coaching Programs, but to achieve profound growth sometimes it takes profound help.”


To our health and growth,
Anonymous in CT


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