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Your History Shapes Your Future

History is the foundation of everything we think, say, or do. Think about it. What you believe to be true is based on information that you’ve learned and adopted as your knowledge base. Knowledge and history are reflective, practically one and the same.


For instance, this writing is the result of what I’ve learned and how I learned it. This history has shaped my knowledge base. Without history, there is no definitive guide to inform the direction for terrestrial life.


Scientific discoveries are a great real world example. They are built on past efforts to prove a theory, the experiment’s history. This history guides the scientist to make better or more accurate decisions, so that he can better frame and prove his theory.


In a similar way, we are scientists, weighing our future decisions against past outcomes. These past outcomes aid us in creating a better future for ourselves. Everything we do now is part of the history we will call upon to make future, and hopefully, better choices. Today will be tomorrow’s history, and tomorrow will be history to the following day. Our history is the building blocks of our future.


Learn to appreciate and study your history. There is a catch though. Clinging too tight to it can also deter moving forward, especially if it is skewed information.


What history are you strongly attached? How can you learn from it to move forward?


Erica Rogers