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The Model


Shen Life® draws on the Eastern philosophies of spiritual growth and Western practices of personal development. It is a comprehensive model for human potential. The primary goal is to completely integrate the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and external domains of consciousness. This is called embodied enlightenment or Shenlightenment®. In Shenlightenment, the life ideals of creativity, happiness, peace, balance, intuition, integrity, wealth, healing, vitality, longevity, love, compassion, intelligence, understanding, endurance, courage, power, flow and more become your natural state.


To implement the Model in your life or “practice” Shen Life involves a Core Practice and Life Practice.


The Core Practice is built on the ideas that “we are reality-generating organisms,” and that “we have the capacity to reach our full potential and beyond.” The primary work is to increase your awareness of Shen, your Creative Source, and to reframe your life experience in order to bring about ideal outcomes in every area of life (career, relationships, finances, health, and more). To achieve this, the bio-energetics of the body-mind must be ignited (also known as awakening the kundalini in the East and stoking the baptismal fires in the West). The work or process that’s involved in this primary work, is called Shenation®, a blend of meditation, contemplation, imagination and creative action.


The Life Practice is a comprehensive lifestyle plan that ideally supports the Core Practice. It includes an ideal approach to eating, breathing, moving, drinking, sleeping, eliminating, copulating, sunning, earthing, planning, homesteading, and more!

So, come on, let’s reach for it!.

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