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It works!

Here’s a story from a recent Shen Life Coaching Client, in his words: “Back on the 13th of November 2011 I had the opportunity to reconnect with two people that dramatically changed the course of my life. I met Stephen and Erica, and the early stages of the Shen Life teachings/principles 7 years ago at their studio in Montrose, CA. I knew even back then what they taught and represented was full of integrity and had the potential to change my life, but, at the time, I was too headstrong to embrace it fully. I lost touch with them for a while but the messages and teachings of their workshops continued to saturate and drive my awareness.

I love the old adage, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear;” that is exactly what happened. I have been studying consciousness for quite some time when I landed in Chinese Medicine School in the fall of 2008. Shifting out of my first two careers as a professional volleyball player and coach took some major work. To put it plainly, I was lost and on a reckless road of self destruction and self sabotage. I was completely depressed, in spite of having what appeared to be a successful life on the surface. I have amazing athletic talent, I’m tall, personable, and likable, but inside I was dying, driven by an emptiness, a void that eventually led me back to myself and the Shen Life program.

In November, Stephen, Erica and I sat down and began to engage in a series of conversations that sparked an internal fire and truly reignited my desire and passion to live and love life. I immediately signed up for the initial 3-month coaching program with Stephen. (I even used my December rent money to do it.) I had a deep knowing that with the guidance of Stephen and the principles of Shen Life that I would easily make the money back and more. And boy has that proved to be true!

We started out with some basic awareness tools and set some visions. Then, my life began to take on a totally new direction. In reality it was the direction I wanted my life to go, but I was too stuck to move. After just a couple weeks, things just started happening. All the work we had done began to take shape: inexplicable chance encounters, job opportunities, the right girlfriend, greater spiritual awareness, and most importantly a sense of purpose and a renewed passion for life. We finished our 3 months of coaching last week.

As I looked back over the visions, every one of them has manifested perfectly! I am staying on board for another 3-month series to continue to build my own inner strength and to keep riding this momentum as long as I can…hopefully for at least another 50 or 60 years.

Thank you Stephen, Erica and Shen Life. Love you guys!”

~Zack from California

Erica Rogers