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Stephen Rogers At Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs


A Message From The Visionary

Hello, my name is Stephen Rogers, and my primary purpose in life is to know myself in the deepest possible way, to live from there fully, and to discover and teach the highest quality tools for human transformation. I have done this as a personal trainer, peak performance and wellness coach, oriental and integrative medicine practitioner, personal development and business coach, energy healer, and spiritual student/teacher since 1995.


The vision I intend to build in the world is one where people embody spiritual enlightenment, live in optimal health, wellness, and longevity, and perform at superhuman levels.  Everything I do, whether it’s writing, speaking, teaching is devoted to helping build that world. I welcome your participation and contribution.


Reach for it!


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The team behind Shen Life® is the dynamic duo,
Stephen and Erica Rogers. 

Shen Life® developed from their combined over 40 years of experience in the fields of spirituality, healing and longevity, personal development, and peak performance.

They have successfully helped people from all walks of life move forward and reach their potential.

Work with them to help you reach your greatest potential!

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*Individual results vary. There are no guarantees that your earnings, health, relationships or life will change from doing this work.*


The Shen Life® Community is lovingly referred to as a Pack after the Rogers’ wolf dogs
Bella, China, Atlas and Lupa.

Over the years, ‘The Pack’ has grown tremendously, some of whom are elite athletes, scholars, executives, physicians, therapists, award-winning creatives (Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winners), entrepreneurs, scientists, fitness gurus, super moms, strong fathers and vibrant youths.

Here are a few sharing their stories of transformation and growth at a live event…

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The Shen Life® Model bridges the gap between the fields of spiritual growth, personal development, healing and longevity, and peak performance. 

This path is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who think they are already awake nor folks looking for instant enlightenment.


Shen Life® is for warriors who are ready to do the primary work of completely integrating Shen, or The Divine, with the mental, emotional, physical and external domains of consciousness into a stage of embodied enlightenment or Shenlightenment®.


Shenlightenment is a process of radical healing, perpetual transformation, and superhuman performance.

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To build your Shen Life® Practice, there is an ideal path. Each step builds on the one prior so as to develop your knowledge and implementation of the Shen Life® Model.


The Transformashen™ Training Guide teaches you the transformative, fundamental practice of The Shen Life Model that can help you reach your greatest potential! This is the first step to building a Shen Life Practice.


Study and implement the entire Shen Life Model in 12 weeks in a hybrid program that includes live training and self-study. After implementing The Transformashen™ Training, this is the next step to deepening your Shen Life Practice.


This ongoing community or 'pack' membership supports and helps to build or deepen your Shen Life Practice. It is available to graduates of The Immershen™ Program.


These 3-day face-to-face events with the Shen Life Pack are a great way to catapult your learning and growth. Following the Shen Life Model, various dynamic, interpersonal, neuro-somatic exercises will help you gain greater awareness to reach your potential.


These private mentoring/coaching sessions are perfect to help shift you out of stagnant spots and onto the next step of your path forward. Afterward, you'll be prepared with a clear vision and plan to achieve your dreams, goals and/or desires.


Spreading awareness of the principles of Shen Life is a passion of the Shen Life Team. Include Stephen and/or Erica as speakers at your next symposium, conference, summit or podcast to enhance the value your audience gains from the event.


“Screw the man!” Come on. Say it. It fees kinda good, right?


Well, we say, ‘screw the technocracy’ and their biased censorship agenda.


To be clear, we do not agree with everything people say on any social platform, but we support a person’s right to free speech. Likewise, a business should maintain its right to stop serving persons whom do not comply with their guidelines. So…


We created our own social network for all of Shen Life’s clients, students, and fans to enjoy while maintaining a key part of their sovereignty, your privacy. Hosted on the Mighty Network Platform, you can engage with the mobile app as well as from your trusty desktop.

If you seek growth-minded people fired up to walk the talk without the social media drama, you are in the right place.


Not only is your privacy secure, but you will benefit from the pack’s growth, experiences, stories, and events, too.


Since this is where the Shen Life Pack congregates, its also called the Shen Den!


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From health to meditation and politics to philosophy, the blog covers a wide spectrum.