There are a variety of paths to engage the Shen Life Model.

  • The Audio Programs
  • Weekly Webinar Membership
  • Online Group Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Consulting


Our lives are the way they are, because we are the way we are.

If we want to change our lives, then we must change the way we are.

To change the way we are, we must know who and what we are.

We are Shen and we are Life!

~S. Rogers


  • What’s Shen Life?

    Shen is a term used in Chinese Health Traditions to describe God, Higher Awareness, Spirit or Universal Consciousness.

    Life is a present condition, state, or mode of existence.

    Shen Life is a comprehensive approach to develop one’s potential that draws on the Eastern philosophies of spiritual growth and Western practices of personal development.

    Its framework outlines "how to" merge Shen into every aspect of our human experience (Life) so that we reach our fullest potential.

  • What’s the goal?

    The Shen Life Teachings offer a clear and direct approach to being successful in all areas of life.

    In order to achieve this level of success, we must fully integrate our spiritual, mental, emotional and physiological faculties. Its here that we realize that we're reality-generating organisms, and we become the solution to all of our problems.

    For example, where there is lack, we create wealth; where there is disease, we manifest health; and where there is discord, we bring harmony or balance.

    This is reaching our potential...and that is
    the goal!

  • How to learn & grow?

    To learn the Shen Life Model and Teachings, there are a few options currently available.

    The paths to engage are:

    1. By joining the workshop membership

    2. By enrolling in an online group program

    3. By getting it from the source via private coaching

    4. By studying the Shen Life Home Study be released soon.

    5. By studying the Shen Life book, which will be released soon.

    The choice is yours!

  • Take the Next Step. Start Here!

Reach for It!

  • Shen Life Team Tweets

    • #Shen come to me, through me, as me manifesting as life's highest ideals. And, so it is! #BESHEN -
    • When somebody says to you that they believe in you that is the most positive affirmation that you could ever hear. ~RaneilAlonzo -
    • "We all have faith...sometimes we're just more attached to the wrong beliefs. Brutal self-honesty is a cure for this predicament." #Rogers -
    • Sometimes when we feel bruised to the bone and we've given all we have, the only thing that will save us is to give a little bit more! #love -
    • A key to reaching our goals in the quickest and most efficient manner is to feel the end point AND act on the... -
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  • Coaching Testimonial

    Meet Melinda from This inspirational story is from Melinda Loo who has used the Shen Life Teachings to change every aspect of her life…more than once.
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