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A Spirit-Centric Approach To Reaching Your Potential!

What's Shen Life?

Shen is a term used in Chinese Health Traditions to describe God, Spirit, Source, Higher Power or Consciousness.

Life is your present condition, state, or mode of existence.

Shen Life® is a Spirit-centric approach to reaching your full potential and beyond that draws on the Eastern philosophies of spiritual growth and Western practices of personal development.

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What's The Goal?

The goal is to completely integrate the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and external domains of consciousness. We call this embodied enlightenment or Shenlightenment®.

In Shenlightenment, the life ideals of creativity, happiness, peace, balance, intuition, intelligence, integrity, wealth, healing, vitality, longevity, love, compassion, understanding, courage, power, endurance, flow and more become your natural state.

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The Practice

To learn the Shen Life Model and put it into practice, the best path to follow is:

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Know The Shen Life Story

The team behind Shen Life is the dynamic duo, Stephen and Erica Rogers. The teaching model developed from their combined almost 40 years of experience in the human potential field.


“Stephen and Erica are a very effective and committed team that helps move people forward.” Client M


“They walk their talk!” Client A

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These individuals graciously shared their experiences of transformation after engaging with Shen Life, Stephen & Erica Rogers…

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*Individual results vary. There are no guarantees that your earnings, health, relationships or life will change from doing this work.*

Programs, Services & Memberships

There are several services to practice the Shen Life Model and maintain engagement and growth with like-minded individuals world-wide…

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