There are a variety of paths to engage the Shen Life Model.

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Our lives are the way they are, because we are the way we are.

If we want to change our lives, then we must change the way we are.

To change the way we are, we must know who and what we are.

We are Shen and we are Life! ©

~S. Rogers


  • What’s Shen Life?

    Shen is a term used in Chinese Health Traditions to describe God, Spirit or Source.

    Life is a present condition, state, or mode of existence.

    Shen Life is a comprehensive approach to develop our potential that draws on the Eastern philosophies of spiritual growth and Western practices of personal development.

    Its a Shen-centered or top-down, inside-out approach to human development.

  • What Is the Goal?

    The Shen Life Teachings offer a clear and direct approach to being successful in all areas of life.

    In order to achieve this level of success, we must become Shen-centered in the personal, social, organizational and societal domains of life.

    Once embodied, the life ideals of creativity, happiness, peace, authenticity, balance, love, compassion, gratitude, intuition, integrity, wealth, health, vitality, longevity, wisdom, understanding, trust, courage, power, patience, endurance, flow and more become our natural state.

  • How to Engage?

    To learn the Model, there are several paths to engage:

    1. By subscribing to the Self-Study Membership

    2. By joining the
    Community Membership

    3. By enrolling in the
    Coaching Membership.

    4. By committing to the Practitioner Membership.

    5. By working directly with the Shen Life Team via
    Private Coaching.

    6. By inviting Stephen and/or Erica to your next event as
    Speakers and/or Guest Teachers.

    The choice is yours!

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