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The Model


This path is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who think they are already awake, or those looking for instant enlightenment. Shen Life is for those who are ready to do the primary work of completely integrating Shen, or The Divine, with the mental, emotional, physical and external domains of consciousness into a stage of embodied enlightenment or Shenlightenment®. Shenlightenment is an emergent process of radical healing, perpetual transformation, and superhuman performance. Let's reach for it!


The Shen Life Model bridges the gap between the fields of spiritual growth, personal development, healing and longevity, and peak performance.


Following the maturation process of a tree, the Shen Life Model addresses every area of life. Implementation of the model in your life is casually referred to as “doing the work,” or developing a “Shen Life Practice.” There are two components, the Core Practice and the Life Practice.


The Core Practice is built on the ideas that “we are reality-generating organisms,” and that “we have the capacity to reach our full potential and beyond.” The primary work involves increasing your awareness of Shen, Creative Source, and reframing your life experience in order to bring about ideal outcomes in every area of life, such as career, relationships, finances, health, and more.


The Life Practice outlines a comprehensive lifestyle plan to facilitate the Core Practice. It includes an ideal approach to eating, breathing, moving, drinking, sleeping, eliminating, copulating, sunning, earthing, planning, homesteading, and more!


By implementing this top-down, inside-out approach to life, the extent to which you embody your potential depends on you!

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