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Telepathy and more!

Telepathy, more common than most admit, comes from the Greek word meaning “distant” and pathos meaning “feeling” or “experience.”[1] It’s the transmission of information from one being to another without using any known material means. Often it’s referred to as thought transference.


Actually, it is one of the many psychic powers humans can develop. Referred to as the ‘clair powers,’ we have extrasensory abilities. Most often the information perceived comes from different dimensions, timelines, locations, or inanimate objects. and the ability to hear (clairaudience), to see (clairvoyance), to know (claircognizance), to feel (clairsentience), even to taste (clairgustance) something without direct contact. In fact, there are many supernatural abilities we are capable of developing. [2]


We are vulnerable


It’s common knowledge that marketers, politicians, and governments use many manipulation tactics to control the masses. However, did you ever consider that you’ve been the target of someone else’s thoughts, good and bad? Telepaths can plant a seed in your mind, and motivate you to take action based on their influence.




Though this may be hard to believe, my work as a healer and transformation teacher demonstrated the power of intention (thoughts) for me. Generally, it is vastly undervalued. The right mindset coupled with the right feeling state is key to healing any situation or manifesting any goal.


For ages, prayer or directed thought-feeling has been used to heal, transform, and change reality. One prayer can be a blessing while the other a curse; the power simple follows the intention.


Perhaps, the most dangerous type of telepathy is when our own minds and hearts are uncontrolled. For instance, when someone else has a poor thought of us. This puts us in a vulnerable position.


Based on anecdotal evidenced as well as new research it seems plausible that all of us are open to the mental-emotional influence of others. [1]


How do we protect ourselves?


My years of experience taught me that we must become sovereigns and harness complete control of our consciousness. We cannot “let anyone live in our heads rent free!” In order to do that, we must be in Shen.


The wisdom of the great philosopher, Socrates, revealed the key to being in Shen. He plainly stated it, “know thyself.” His mantra echoes Shen Life’s primary purpose, ‘to know ourselves in the deepest possible way (Shen) and live from there fully and completely.’


To be completely sovereign, we must become aware of the contents of consciousness in its entirety: the thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, sensations etc. As that exploration unfolds, the chances are high that the extrasensory powers will come forth, too. But be careful to not chase the power under the pretenses of doing the work. Such self-deception always backfires.


Ready to dive In?


If you feel the need to heed the call of Shen, start with this simple practice:










Get Real…




Erica Rogers