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Rest And Recline On A Couch On Porch Overlooking The Mountains

Rest. Recover. Recharge.

Chances are you have a string of marathons in life you’ve recently completed, too. We all do. It’s called life.


We have been on a 7-week sprint of hustling. From content creation for an upcoming Shen Life Immershen Program, to a new puppy debacle, then a South America trip, unexpected airstream repairs, an emergency move to avoid fire loss, 3 live client engagements and about 2,500 miles by road…we’ve been busy making our dream life a reality.


If you are on a similar path, let this be a reminder that our systems need to rest and recover, too!


In order to be incredible, do outstanding stuff, and create excellent value, we all need to recharge and recover by doing little or nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing.

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Do not scurry about to look important. Stop pushing yourself into a caffeine-sugar-fueled frenzy. Avoid emptying your last 10% of energy into a big project that requires 95% of you.



Respect the ebb and flow of nature. Slow down. Unplug. Nap. Sit. Lay up. Saunter. Sleep. Drift off into the emptiness of the post-climactic adventure. Let go. Get comfortable in the lull.


Join us. Get cozy. Be lazy.


Your next adventure requires it!




Erica Rogers