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An Apple A Day…

Most of us have heard the saying, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.” Well, this is more valid than you may realize, and I’ll explain why shortly. But, first let’s take a look at some of the more well-known health improving aspects of apples, and then I’ll tell you the biggest reason why apples may keep the doctor away and save your life.


    • The pectin in apples have been shown to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and promote healthy weight loss.*


    • Some researchers found that a certain flavanoid, phloridzin, is great for increasing bone density, and apples contain plenty of it!*


    • Since apples are rich in fiber, they help digestion and stomach disorders, constipation and other bowel disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.*


    • Another great health benefit of pectin is that it provides galacturonic acid, which has been shown to lower the body’s need for insulin. This is great reason for those suffering from diabetes to eat apples.*


    • Another great benefit of eating apples is their catabolic nature, which encourages weight loss. Catabolic foods are believed to utilize more calories during the metabolic process than they contain; this is the opposite of anabolic foods that help build bodies bigger. Apples happen to be one of the best catabolic foods!*


    • Apples are great anti-aging foods, since they are loaded with antioxidants such as polyphenols, which help to combat free radicals. Also, apples give us a shot of vitamin C.*


    • Apples are great for dental care. While eating apples the teeth and gums are given a quick cleaning by crushing through the fiber in the apples. Plus, apples have anti-viral properties, which help to clean viruses and bacteria on the teeth and gums.*


    • Apples are great to include in any cleansing and detoxing program. They provide a healthy dose of fiber to cleanse the bowel. And, they are rich in iron, which is good for strengthening hemoglobin in the blood; iron helps to clean the blood.*


    • Apples are a great source of life force or qi. They help to restore vitality in those who are suffering from weakness, malaise, and fatigue.*


    • An apple’s seeds and peel tend to be bitter, and bitter is something most Americans are missing from our diets. According to Chinese Medical Philosophy, in order to have a balance diet, one must make sure that all the five flavors are present per meal in adequate forms. Bitter flavor is great for balancing the heart, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, and cleansing the blood along with helping to balance the bio-energetics between the organs systems.*


Although, all the above are great attributes of apples, perhaps the best attribute of apples is found in the amazing healing properties their seeds. Contained within apple seeds is a vitamin known as B-17, also called laetrile or amygdalin. B-17 therapy is one of the most popular natural, alternative cancer treatments; however to receive these treatments, someone would have to venture outside of the US.


Based on the work of several doctors, most notably Ernst T. Krebs, Sr., M.D. and his son Ernst, amygdalin (B-17) as a anti-cancer treatment works in the following way. When amygdalin comes into contact with certain enzymes, it breaks down into two molecules of glucose, benzaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide (which is poisonous). Due to the molecule of free hydrogen cyanide, those who oppose B-17 as an effective cancer treatment often claim that it is toxic. And, yes, they would be correct if it weren’t for an enzyme called, beta-glucosidae. Only cancer cells produce the beta-glucosidae enzyme. And, amygdalin only releases the cyanide when it comes into contact with beta-glucosidae from cancer cells. This means the cancer cells are the only cells that accept the cyanide. If a body is free of cancer cells, then the beta-glucosidae enzyme is not present, thus the cyanide will not be released from the B-17 present in apples.


Additionally, the body’s healthy cells have another safety mechanism to work against the cyanide, an enzyme called rhodanese. Rhodanese neutralizes amygdalin by keeping it from releasing cyanide and instead converts it to glucose. But since cancer cells are devoid of this enzyme, the cyanide is released and leads to those cells’ demise. Therefore, it takes a considerable amount of amygdalin to be effective, since rhodanese is present in our healthy cells.


This awesome process is the explanation for why it is beneficial to eat lots of foods with naturally occurring amygdalin. It seems that several cultures having been doing this for quite some time, and now B-17 reveals one of their secrets to minimal cases of cancer. Some such culturals are the Eskimos, Hunzas, and Abkasians. Of course, there are other reasons these peoples are cancer-free, such as a low stress lifestyle, lower toxic load, and diets full of more organic foods. In western culture, where cancer rates are highest, we’ve have all but removed B-17 containing foods from our diet.


Here are some of the foods containing high concentrations of B-17: kernels and seeds of fruits like apple, plum, pear, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry; nuts such as macadamia, cashew, and bitter almond; beans like chickpeas, lentils, lima, mung, preferably all of them sprouted; and some grains, seeds, and grasses like alfalfa, milkweed, wheatgrass, chia, flax, sesame, barley, whole grain brown rice, buckwheat, millet, and wheat berries. Of course, it’s important to not take the apple seeds (or other pits and seeds) out of the apples nor to eat a pound of them at once. Eating three apples each day, whole—seeds and all, should be enough B-17 for daily intake.


A great book discussing this topic is, “World Without Cancer,” by G. Edward Griffin.

Here are some cautionary tips:


    • Apples are one of the most highly sprayed fruits…with pesticides, insecticides, etc. so make sure to eat organic ones!


    • The best apples are the ones you will eat! (I prefer Fujiis and Pink Ladies.)


    • One way to make apples more appetizing is to add a small serving of peanut butter; this is my favorite snack.


    • When you buy apples be sure they are firm. Do not buy apples that have wrinkles, because these apples have lost most of their health benefits and nutritional value.


    • Always eat them raw…never cooked.


The old adage, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away,” certainly has some efficacy.


For the sake of full disclosure, it’s important to note that cancer is a complex disease best dealt with from a holistic perspective; it is important to treat the whole person. I do not promote B-17 as a lone treatment for cancer or any other disease. If you are suffering from cancer or any other disease, you should seek the aid of a primary health care physician. And most importantly note that this information is solely for educational purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease, nor is it intended to replace the advice of a qualified, licensed physician.



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Erica Rogers